2012-08-19 10:46 Papas BeachHouse NO3/CO2 rising!!

Weather : Sunny / SSW wind 2 bft / Rain  0.00 mm / 1014.7 hpa
Divers : Ted, Kacper, Thijs, Axel,
Goal : Reconaissance dive doing whole lap from Papa’s Beach House, Watersamples,
Max depth : 10.7 mtrs
Duration : 153 minutes
Air temp :  24.9 celsius
Water temp : 21.6 celsius minimum
Fish: > 1000 young perch, 8 eal, 6 Carp, 1 pike
Plants :Varying. Elodea in the shady areas, Potamogeton species not as abundant anymore. Wirealgea starts growing again.  Huge plucks of algea are mainly at the spots where the sun shines the longest and up to a depth of 4 meters where temp is just over 22 celsius!!!, 
At NE corner in the beachzone young Cristatella Mucedo (mosdier) colonies are spotted in large quantities.
Visibility  : 6 mtr at 3 mtr depth, 7 mtr at 6 mtr depth  (Sun is shining very bright)
Yellow viz: 6 mtr at 3 mtr depth, 7 mtr at 6 mtr depth  (Sun is shining very bright)
Remarks:  > 10 divers. Going clockwisestaying mainly at average depth of 6 mtr. Visibility thoughout varies enormously. At  southeast small beach more and taller Elodea (Waterpest) than at the South (big) beach. Regardless of the many swimmers, visibility is oke along the beach. Narrow area is the steepest going almost vertical at some point at the south. I thought I saw another boatlike shape, but it was a clay plate after rubbing the mussels off.In the shade areas the visibility is better than in the sunny areas. 
Rise in nitrate and carbondioxide levels are significant!!! see watersample table at righthand side!!

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