2012-03-27 21:03 hbos

Weather     : Clear / NNW wind 2 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1035.6 hpa
Divers        : Ted / Axel
Goal          : Reconnaissance dive on reef at 17 mtr depth, + GPS logging
Max depth  : 19.1
Duration     : 60 minutes
Air temp     : 10.3 celsius
Water temp: 4.4 celsius minimum
Thermocline: At 6.5 meters thick milk like thermocline from 6 to 7 celsius.
Fish           : 1 Zander > 10 Ruffe > 10 Perch, 1 eal
Plants        : no changes
Visibility     :  Beneath TC approx 7 mtrs, above TC 0.5 – 1 mtr.
Remarks     :  2 divers in water. Heading 170 degrees along the umbrella. 15 mtr reef at 6 minutes.17 mtr reef at 10 minutes, going left at thin rope (West to East). Nice blocks. One zander showing itself 3 times.Blocks have a layer of sediment on them. After 20 minutes we descent further to 19 mtrs. Some sediment clouds. After 30 minutes we reach the airtube from the northern platform, with a chain. So we are SW of the platform. We ascent along the sand slope from 16 to 13 mtr until we come to a vertical rope. This hangs from the anchorline of the platform. We go over it at 11 mtr. We swim back to shore.TC is still there. Surface watertemp is 10.

Water report: PH has increased from 8.01 to 8.91 within 1,5 month. This is a large increase and the cause of it is under investigation, because all other values remain quite stable. This might have a biological cause with regards to the poor visibility from surface to 6.5 meters.

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