2012-04-22 hbos 10:38

Weather     : Some clouds / WSW wind 5 bft / Rain 0.0 mm / 1003.0 hpa
Divers        : Joris,John, Axel
Goal          : lookaround
Max depth  : 11.2
Duration     : 70 minutes
Air temp     : 12 celsius
Water temp: 8.0 celsius minimum
Thermocline: Not significant
Fish           :  3 Zanders, 1 Pike, 1 Spined Loach (Modderkruiper) and millions of waterfleas.
Plants        : New shoots of pondweed even at 9 meters depth
Visibility     :  7 mtr at 9 mtr depth.
Remarks     :  >10 divers in water
At the 13th I was told the airpumps had started working again, but apparantly that was a testrun.
Pumps are not working since we see no bubbles near the pontons. The visibility is good.
A Pike swims towards me with more than 5 common fish leaches stuck to it’s back. He passes me by with a friendly smile. New shoots are emerging  everywhere and clearly fish is getting more active.
Fish are in fact kind laid back and calm except for the Spined Loach which was very skittish and the Carps which surrounded Joris at one point. These Carps are extremely agile and fast and most certainly do not hang still for a photoshoot. This time no Perch.I guess I saw musselseed on a patch of mussels.

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