2012-04-29 10:33 hbos

Weather     : Some clouds / ESE wind 1 bft / Rain 0.2 mm / 1011 hpa
Divers        : John, Koos, Axel
Goal          : Check mist
Max depth  : 12.7
Duration     : 58 minutes
Air temp     : 16 celsius
Water temp : 9.2 celsius minimum
Thermocline: none
Fish           : 1 Zander, 2 Pikes, 2 eals.
Plants        : wire algea at 9 mtr depth and up.
Visibility     :  6 mtr at 3 and 6 mtr depth (estimated)
Remarks     :  > 20 divers in water
4 fisherman at Northside. We saw crushed cornfeeding to attract pike. One pike was feeding in a cloud of dust. No fishinglines , but we did see a feedingbasket. Later on we spotted to eals. of which one swam away. At end of dive a nosy pike let me film and photograph it. Super dive. Mist in northern shore still is deeper than 12.7 meter although we saw patches of dust.

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