2012-09-16 09:57 hbos Jellyfish again!

Weather : Cloudy / SSW wind 3 bft / Rain 0.00 mm / 1012.2 hpa
Divers : John, Thijs, Kacper, Jelle, Axel
Goal : Water samples / Visibility
Max depth : 14.5 mtrs
Duration : 56 minutes
Air temp :  17.9 celsius
Water temp : 19.3 celsius minimum
Fish: > 1 jellyfish, Carps , 1 fat eal at 14 mtr, > 20 young perch scattered
Plants : Green algea dots near entry point diminishing a bit, while at other locations it is stable, Potamogeton and Elodea get uncovered again.
Visibility : 5,5 mtr at 6 mtr depth, 5,5 mtr at 3 mtr depth
Remarks:  At 14,5 mtr there is a dense layare of mist without being a thermocline. We saw the actual anchor of the anchorline. No shrimp. Spotted 1 living Paintersmussel (Unio pictorum) at 12 mtr depth. Normally you will find only empty shells. This is truly an indiginous species and filter water better than zebra mussels.

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