2012-09-19 20:20 hbos

Weather : Cloudy / W wind 3 bft / Rain 0.00 mm / 1018.6 hpa
Divers : Mark, Axel
Goal :Look around
Max depth : 14.7 mtrs
Duration : 48 minutes
Air temp :  10.0 celsius
Water temp : 19.2 celsius minimum

Fish: > young perch and Ruffe resting at bottom.
Plants : Green algea dots south at Paviljoen have some new green patches. Potamogeton is sometime completely wrapped in green algea.
Visibility : 5,0 mtr at 6 mtr depth, 5,0 mtr at 3 mtr depth
Remarks:  At 14,5 mtr there is still a dense layer of mist. Spotted a swimming Dikerogammarus Villosus (killer shrimp) which is a threat to the environment. I killed it probably in vane, but anyway.
Also found 1 Corbicula fluminea (Asian clam) overgrown by zebramussels. The surface water temperature will now go down rapidly. So now it is interesting to see what happens to the temperatures in the watercolumn at different depths. Very little plankton in the water column. Swimming Mosquito like larvea at 3 mtr depth just above algea growth. baby shrimp swimming around and adults more active but only near ands in crevasses and minicaves.

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